Discovering The Similarities Between Hanukkah And Christmas

This miracle is celebrated each and every year by the Jewish festival of Hanukkah which is for eight days.

Christmas is a Christian vacation celebrated on the 25th of December. It is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Jesus. Even even though there are certain doubts as to the exact date, 25th December has been celebrated as the birth of Jesus Christ.

Over the years, due to the proximity in the dates of Hanukkah and Christmas, most folks tend to celebrate each around the identical time and involve a related ritual of giving and getting gifts. In reality, the Jewish folks teach their children about Hanukkah as “Christians have Christmas, we have Hanukkah.”

In reality, Chrismukkah is the name given to the merging of the two holidays! It has been popularized by Tv exhibits, notably the O.C. and commercialised to sell items (some thing that is happening with each and every festival). There is a website committed to this festival as effectively! Some think that the Jewish folks want to know about their customs and teach their children the real that means of Hanukkah and not make Christmas as a substitute for Hanukkah.

In reality, apart from the similarity of dates, there is nothing related in the two festivals. Hanukkah is celebrated for eight days although Christmas for twelve. Hanukkah is 1 of the minor festivals in the Jewish calendar although Christmas is 1 of the two main festivals. The way each the festivals are celebrated is diverse. So although Christians tend to indulge in delicacies for the duration of Christmas, the Jews are supposed to consume fried foods or foods baked in oil.

Lately there has been a adjust in the attitude. In interfaith marriages (1 parent is a Christian although the other is a Jew), couples tend to concentrate on each Hanukkah and Christmas are two diverse festivals celebrating the birth of faith and miracles in diverse approaches.